1st Surbiton (Sealion) Sea Scouts

Fun Water Activities for Young People in Royal Kingston

The Group - Introduction

The 1st Surbiton (Sealion) Sea Scout Group was founded on the 3rd November 1909 which makes us over 100 years old! It also makes us the second oldest group in the district. Throughout our time we have grown stronger and stronger. Now not only do we have Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and a link to an Explorer unit, we also have a second Beaver colony and a second Cub pack, making us the largest Group in Royal Kingston! Our group also takes part in many events outside of meetings such as church parades, the St. George's Day parade, the RNLI Regatta and even the Surbiton Festival. We are also a registered charity and are constantly trying to help those in need. Every other year the Scout Troop takes part in a sponsored 24 hour famine to help starving and disadvantaged children in Africa.

As you can see our group also plays a large role in our community which makes it such a great experience for all children.


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This scheme is now in its tenth year and we are participating once again so please help collect as many vouchers as we possibly can by shopping at Sainsbury’s.  Vouchers can be collected in store, online and at petrol stations.  Please let your families, friends, work colleagues and neighbours know we are collecting and that we are happy to receive any vouchers they can spare.  

Let’s try and have a bumper year and get some great new equipment for the group.  There is a collecting box in the lobby at the HQ or if it should be closed vouchers can be posted in the letterbox outside.

Thank you

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Where to find us

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The blue shape is Ravens Ait (where the Scout Troop meets in the summer)
The marker is the Group Headquarters

History of the Group

The group was started by the Rev John Taylor, Vicar of St Marks Church on the 1st May 1909 as the 1st Surbiton (St Marks) B.P. Scout Group. It was registered with Imperial Headquarters on the 3rd November 1909 and was the second group to be registered in the Kingston Scout District, which then included Malden & Coombe, Surbiton, Esher and Kingston and extended almost as far as Cobham.

The group, as with all scout groups at this time, with a Scout Troop but as time went on, 1916 saw the Wolf Cubs join us and, later, Rover Scouts and then Senior Scouts. In 1946, a Sea Scout Patrol was formed and this quickly became a Troop in its own right; so the group now had a Scout Troop and a Sea Scout Troop meeting in the Scout H.Q. in Balaclava Road, opposite St Andrews Hall. Time moved on and, in the 1960s, the group was forced to move to Lower Marsh Lane. They acquired a building from the old Army Camp in Richmond Park and erected it themselves on the site made available to them by Surbiton Borough Council. Unfortunately this was burnt down and the Group moved again to the Old H.Q. of the 3rd Surbiton scouts where they still are. With declining numbers and lack of leaders, the group was on the point of closure in 1975 and it was decided to close the scout troop down and strengthen the Sea Scout Troop. The amalgamation of the Parish Churches of St Andrew and St Mark into one Parish in 1976 left the group with a slight dilemma, which was solved with the help of Jane’s Fighting Ships and a submarine called ‘Sealion’. The Sea for the Fisherman St Andrew and the Lion of St Mark. The group Secretary, at the time, was able to register our new name without loss of our original registration number.

The group now supports two Beaver Scout Colonies, who meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays; two Cub Scout Packs, who meet on Mondays and Thursdays; a Sea Scout Troop, who meet on Fridays, and has a Partnership Agreement with an Explorer Sea Scout Unit who use the H.Q. on a Wednesdays. The Troop and Explorer Unit also use facilities on Raven’s Ait, by kind permission of the Kingston Borough Council, where the group’s boats are kept.

The group has a Group Executive who meets regularly to support the Group. The Section Scouters hold regular meetings with the Group Scout Leader. All sections are indebted for the regular assistance given to them by parents and other non-uniformed adults without whom the group’s equipment and boats would not get the care and maintenance they require.

Roger Jones, Group President

What to wear... and how to wear it


This is the top half of the uniform. For the Beavers the sweater is light blue and for the Cubs it is dark green. The scouts wear a thick woolly jumper which is dark blue. (The Scout uniform described is specially for Sea Scouts.)
The bottom half is simple, for the Beavers and Cubs navy blue activity shorts and grey socks with black shoes. For the Scouts, navy blue activity trousers with black/dark blue/dark grey socks and black shoes.
The scarf is different with every group. For 1st Surbiton it is plain brown with our group logo on the back.

In the title of this section it said "and how to wear it", so here it is. All of these uniforms should be worn with pride!

Uniform can be bought from:

Ranger Trading Post which is just up the hill from Surbiton Station

All other goods (not uniform) bought from there have a 10% reduction for scouts - ideal for camping!



We are collecting Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury's!  Details here.

Download the 2014 Programme for Sealion Scouts from the Troop Page

Fundraise for Sealion by buying online through www.easyfundraising.org.uk

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